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Tank Solutions

Injection molded plastic tank

Tank Solutions

The ARGO-HYTOS tank solutions allow the greatest possible freedom in shaping, as a result of which even tight spaces can be optimally utilized. In addition to the filter housing and the filling screen, an oil level indicator can also be integrated in the tank. Another positive aspect are the so-called “quick-connect ports”, for the assembly of which no tools are necessary. The connections are simply plugged onto the corresponding tank nozzles and fixed by a securing clip.

Technical data

Tank capacity:
Vmax up to 60 l

Tmax: - 30°C…+ 100°C
Short-term up to + 120°C

Hydraulic fluid:
Mineral oil and biodegradable fluids (HEES and HETG)

Integrable filter function:

  • Return filter 10EX2…30P
  • Suction filter 16 E…280 µm
  • Ventilating filter  2CL
  • Filling filter 140…450 µm

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