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ZB06 - Base Plate with Pressure Relief Valve for Serial Plate Assemblies

Size 06 (D03) • pmax 320 bar (4600 PSI)

  • Tank cover mounted base manifold for hydraulic power packs which require one directional valve, optionally stackable with PD06-Z6 (Cat. 0006) serial plates
  • Designed for flange mounted valves with pattern acc. to ISO 4401-03 (CETOP 03)
  • Simplified models ZB06L* for cost effective circuit design and assembly with stackable serial PD06 plates
  • Integrated functions for circuit unloading drain, main circuit check and pressure relief valves
  • Suitable for mounting the pump drive unit horizontally on the tank cover, or for vertical arrangement with the pump situated in the tank under the oil level
  • Variety of models support the build-up of systems with constant or regulated pumps
  • In the standard version, the ZB06A(B) plate housing is phosphated and the steel parts are zinc-coated for 240 h protection acc. to ISO 9227
  • In the standard version, the ZB06L plate housing is without surface treatment (blank)

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