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SB - In-Line Bodies for Screw-In Cartridge Valves

pmax (AL) 250 bar (3600 PSI) • pmax (G) 350 bar (5080 PSI) • pmax (ST) 420 bar (6100 PSI)


  • In-line bodies designed to accommodate different cartridge valves and thus provide highly versatile solutions to hydraulic control functions
  • Different valve functions in the same body are possible due to standardised cavities and valve housings across a wide range of cartridge valves
  • Various cavities with SAE and ISO metric threads available
  • Connecting ports for pipes with SAE and BSP threads available
  • Bodies are available in aluminium, steel and cast iron. In the standard version, aluminium bodies are without surface treatment, steel bodies are zinc-coated for 240 h protection acc. to ISO 9227 and cast iron bodies are phosphated
  • Cast iron plate versions additionally feature a gauge port

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