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Ventilating Filters – Vandalism Proof


  • With filling filter
  • 6 hole flange
  • Nominal flow rate up to 850 l/min (225 gpm)


Filling / ventilation of tanks for hydraulic and lubrication systems as well as gearboxes.

Special features
The profiled metal flange with elastomer sealing and the mounting with 6 screws ensure that the filling / ventilating filters seal reliable even on nonplanar tank surfaces. Filler screens made of sturdy expanded metal offer 100% safety during filling of the tank – which excludes any damage being caused for example by the filler neck. The ventilating filter is fixed by a chain at the filling filter to prevent it from being lost (exception: LE.0716).
The ventilation openings of the ventilating filters are designed that dust on the surface of the tank is not drawn in, and that the ingress of spray and rainwater is largely prevented.
The patented vandalism proof ventilating filters can only be removed with the special tool supplied. This makes the misuse of the ventilating filter or the ingress of dirt via the filling / ventilation opening considerably more difficult.



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