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Hydraulic Power Pack with Under-Oil Motor

SPA 01

Qmax 10 l/min • pmax 250 bar • Pmax 3 kW

  • AC electro-hydraulic compact unit with under-oil motor
  • Compact design with reduced overall dimensions for production cost saving
  • Main applications are lifting platforms
  • 3 central block basic circuits option
  • Possibility of building up an additional circuit in the form of vertical or horizontal stacking assembly
  • One- and three-phase motors with power ratings of up to 2.2 kW
  • Tank capacities from 7 to 30 l with optional plastic tanks for cost saving
  • In the standard version, the aluminium basic block is without surface protection and steel plate are zinc coated for 240 h protection acc. to ISO 9227


  • Tipo
  • Potenza motore
  • Q max. l/min
  • P max. bar
  • Foglio
  • Scarica

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