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Suction filter module

for high power tractors



There is a clear trend in agricultural business, which is well reflected in the tractor market. Emission regulations, machine performances at upper level, OEM customers‘ requirements on reliability, noise reduction, efficiency, reduction of operating costs through high availability: big challenges for a tractor manufacturer, one of our biggest customers.
The historical partnership with ARGOHYTOS helped to make them real!


ARGO-HYTOS has developed a suction filter module including functional pipes, with glass-fiber-reinforced bodies and Quick-Connect system for a next generation tractor platform.

  • Inline installation
  • Nominal flow rate up to 300 l/min
  • Reduced pressure drop compared to current solution by more than 15%
  • Fineness 32 μm
  • Check valve 3 bar included in the pipe to maintain lubrication pressure
  • Copy protected filter element

Proven and reliable technology

  • Improved filtration efficiency and thus enlarged machine lifetime.
  • Increased dirt holding capacity for an extended filter lifetime.
  • Separation of hydraulic flows reduces turbulence inside the filter and supports an optimal flow distribution for excellent cold start performance.

Assembly cost savings

  • Reduced assembly time due to Quick- Connect solutions. •
  • Simplified fixation to transmission.

System pressure drop improvement

  • Extended pump lifetime.
  • Noise reduction creates a pleasant working environment.

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