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Seeding rate control using proportional valve technique



There is a defining trend in agriculture worldwide: Precision Farming.

The aim of precision farming is to control the individual drives of agricultural machinery in such a way that the machines work as efficiently, economically and ecologically as possible. This places certain demands on the hydraulics in these systems – an exceptionally good control performance with low to no losses, regarding both the individual components and the system as a whole.

The application behind the customer‘s request is a seed drill for which the seed application rate is to be varied by means of a proportional flow rate control via a hydraulic motor. The oil from the return flow of the motor, as well as additionally available oil flow is supposed to be used for other functions in the drive.


ARGO-HYTOS presented a number of possible, innovative solutions to the customer. All these options were evaluated in close collaboration with the customer regarding costs, performance and integrability into the existing machine.

Selected viable solutions where subsequently designed and the customer was provided with prototypes. Tests at the customer’s showed that the solutions suggested by ARGO-HYTOS performed significantly better than competing solutions.

This solution can also be used for other applications where precise speed control of rotary drives is required.


Our global applications engineering team is not only familiar with ARGO-HYTOS’ own products but also has many years of experience concerning the functions, requirements and challenges of the machines themselves.

The resulting main advantages for the customer in this project are:

  • Perfect adjustment of the products to the machine:
    • Increased machine efficiency
    • Improved machine performance
    • Function integration
    • Consideration of the harsh environmental conditions
  • State-of-the-art valve technology with outstanding performance
  • Customer satisfaction thanks to an unrivaled package of performance, price, communication and project management

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