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Return-suction filter

Series: RST 084



The demand for ever more efficient mobile construction machinery is also leading to constantly growing requirements in terms of optimized hydraulic concepts.
ARGO-HYTOS makes use of its decades of experience in the field of mobile hydraulics and is focused on constantly improving customer benefits. These characteristics have been used to establish an innovative filtration concept in mobile devices with hydrostatic drives on the market, which offers technical advantages as well as saving space and costs.
A renowned manufacturer of wheel loaders was looking for a filter solution that would enable optimum utilization of the often limited installation space by replacing two separately positioned filters (pressure filter: feed pressure/closed circuit and return filter: working hydraulics/open circuit) with the use of just one return-suction filter. 


ARGO-HYTOS has developed the perfect solution, the „2 in 1“ return-suction filter, for hydraulic systems with combined open (working hydraulics) and closed (hydro- static drive) circuits, so that in future only one hydraulic filter will be required for both circuits.  

  • Tank installation
  • Connection up to G1 / -16 SAE
  • Nominal flow rate up to 80 l/min / 21.1 gpm
  • Latest EXAPOR®MAX 3 filter element generation
  • Clogging indicators optionally available 


Improved efficiency increases performance

  • Excellent cold start behavior
  • Lowest pressure losses thanks to flow-optimized component design

Optimized design saves costs and installation space

  • Efficient use of the often limited installation space by replacing two filters by one return-suction filter
  • Compact and attractively priced filter concept 

Extended service life and easy maintenance reduce TCO

  • Extended service intervals and therefore increased machine availability thanks to the use of high-performance EXAPOR®MAX 3 filter elements
  • Service-friendly, as the already filtered-out contamination is completely removed with the element during element replacement 

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