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High-pressure safety filter series HD 040/081/150



In hydraulic systems of high tech harvesters of renowned manufacturers, return or return-suction filters are used as working filters (wear protection), meeting the highest requirements for the defined cleanliness class in full-flow filtration.

Since the operating time of these machines in particular is very limited due to the annual harvesting window, it is essential to ensure maximum machine availability in this respect.

For a very demanding customer, the filter system should therefore be optimized to provide increased functional protection on the basis of an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Safety filters should be installed at critical points to protect downstream components in particular from production residues and pump suction chips, which can lead to initial damage to important system components and eventually even to total failure of the entire hydraulic system.

Likewise, in the event of a pump failure, contamination with coarse particles through- out the hydraulic system, consequential damage and increased costs for cleaning and repair can be effectively limited. 


ARGO-HYTOS has developed an effective high-pressure safety filter system (also called last-chance filter or police filter) for the requirements set. In these safety filters, star-pleated screen filters with a comparatively large filter area are used, which reliably protect downstream components.

  • Operating pressure: continuous up to 250 bar
  • 3 filter sizes / nominal flow rate up to 100 l/min
  • 2 filter finenesses / screen fabric 60 µm and 100 µm
  • Without bypass valve, high pressure stable


  • 100% functional protection of downstream components
  • Maximum machine availability due to reduced downtimes
  • Almost maintenance-free (*) with simultaneous installation of a system filter
  • Energy savings thanks to a filter system optimized for lowest pressure drop
  • Space-saving installation (in-line installation, can be easily retrofitted)
  • Reduction of maintenance and operating costs

(*) after a case of damage, the filters should be changed immediately

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