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Expansion of the pressure filter series

D 072/D 112/D 152

After the discontinuation of the existing solution of the former supplier, our customer was forced to make a change in the current series at short notice, which affected almost all products. A cost-effective filter system had to be found as quickly as possible, which not only had the necessary features, but was also backwards compatible, depending on the user‘s requirements, and could therefore be integrated quickly and easily into all machines. ARGO-HYTOS took advantage of its broad product range and created the ideal solution based on existing components: Backwards-compatible complete filters for original equipment were developed in a very short time and filter elements that fit into the existing solution were produced for spare parts supply. In this way, the current production could be quickly changed over.
In addition, installation space was saved, since the ARGO-HYTOS products could be built smaller due to their higher power density. Various product protection solutions to safeguard the spare parts business are also already under discussion for the near future.  

ARGO-HYTOS has - based on existing assemblies - developed several customer- specific pressure filters within a very short time to meet all customer requirements:

  • fatigue-resistant up to 63 bar
  • 3 different filter sizes up to approx. 135 l/min
  • optionally, various clogging indicators can be mounted
  • with high-performance filter elements in the finenesses 10 µm and 16 µm (ßx µm(c) = 200


  • 100% backwards compatible: connection and mounting geometry have been taken over from the previous solution
  • Shortest changeover time
  • Avoidance of tool/one-time costs by using existing and proven assemblies
  • Supply of ReFit replacement elements for previous solution
  • Optimum adaptation to machine data by choosing from three different filter sizes
  • Maximum availability or reduced downtimes of the working machines through reliable high-performance filtration
  • Modern filter system with best performance data

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