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Electric steering in wheeled excavator from ATLAS



Classically, the steering of a wheeled excavator is done via the steering wheel, no matter if it is about driving longer distances or just repositioning during a work process. For simple, short position changes, the operator must repeatedly take his hands off the joystick and reach for the steering wheel.

To avoid this constant change, ATLAS has introduced electric steering. This allows the operator to steer directly via the joystick and makes work easier.

Initially, the electric steering system consisted of several hydraulic valves and blocks positioned at different locations in the vehicle.

ARGO-HYTOS took on the challenge of not only improving the system and reducing costs, but also working with ATLAS to develop a compact unit that could be positioned in the vehicle to save space.

The new system also allows for both electric steering on the front axle of the wheeled excavator and expansion to all-wheel steering.

The electric steering basically works in parallel with the actual steering, which means that the steering wheel is retained and the operator is able to override the system at any time. The guiding system here is and always will be the steering wheel.

Especially for industrial applications and short travel distances, this individually created hydraulic system offers the operator the possibility to steer comfortably without having to take his hands off the joystick.


ARGO-HYTOS improved the customer‘s existing system in a very short time, combined it into a compact unit and thus fulfilled the customer‘s requirement:

  • Compact unit
  •  Priority switching for safe operation
  •  Expandable to all-wheel steering


  • Improvement of the System
  • Reduction of components
  • Reduction of system Costs
  • Ready to install solution
  • Simple and space-saving positioning of the hydraulic steering
  • Easy expansion to all-wheel steering
  • Use of common parts

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