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Smart F.L.O.W.

The Project Smart F.L.O.W. is a unique project focused on the growth of our factory, aided by the use of modern technologies and a reasonable increase in the number of employees. This project will significantly affect our entire company.

What does the name itself mean?

“Smart Flow“ simply means flow of values. Its significance, however, is far more sophisticated. Each letter in the name FLOW refers to a specific word, which together describe the meaning of the project.

F = Future
L = Lean
O = Operational excellence
W = Way

As with all other companies, in order to compete in the market, we must follow the ever-increasing demands and requirements of our customers. The saying still applies: “Our customer, our master.”


The whole Smart F.L.O.W. project follows on from the Staufen project. We are aware that the key to our future lies in having customers who work with us towards mutual prosperity. In addition to a competitive price, it is important for our customers that we are a reliable supplier, significantly shorten delivery times, and especially that the products supplied are of excellent quality. The project will therefore mainly affect the Production, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Technology, Quality and Design departments.

The primary idea of the entire Smart F.L.O.W. is the gradual transformation of the company into a modern, value-oriented, flexible enterprise. This can be achieved by dividing the lines into runners and exotics, optimized production planning, digitalization, shorter delivery times, on-time deliveries and reduced losses.
For this reason, based on the analyses of 2018, we have prepared a program supported by three pillars.

The first of these pillars, relating to “Production Management and Planning“ will affect the company in terms of organization and planning of production, as well as robotization and digitization of production processes.

The second pillar concerns “Value Flow Management“ and is related to a change in layout. Change in the sense that material flows through the comapany in one direction. Only logically organized production can be efficient. This way, we identify with the concept of “lean manufacturing”.

The third pillar is the “Make or Buy Strategy“ which defines the strategy of what we will buy and produce ourselves, whether parts, components or processes. The priority remains to keep key technologies and processes in-house. This is all closely connected to the need for intensive development of suppliers, who must meet the requirements of high flexibility and excellent quality of delivered goods. We are therefore intensively involved in expanding the supply chain and preparing it for the Smart F.L.O.W. strategy.

Thank you to everyone involved for their cooperation in setting up the project itself!
If this has not already happened, you will soon meet Smart F.L.O.W.



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