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Predictive Maintenance for Hydraulic Systems

Figure 1: Critical condition changes

Figure 2: Structure of a remote oil condition monitoring system

The concept of Industrie 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things is still new and spreading in major industries with significant investment programs to improve performance, ensure competitiveness and increase value. It is a process that also is revolutionizing traditional maintenance towards smart Predictive Maintenance, allowing to perform services just in time. Real-time machine status information, through remote monitoring and data expertise, significantly increases the availability of equipment, reduces downtime and extends the life of the machine, fluids and components. Predictive Maintenance is thereby a tool to also change business models and offer new after-sales services. It additionally enables manufacturers to offer their machines as a service instead of regular sales.

ARGO-HYTOS has developed ground breaking solutions for the online monitoring of fluids. These intelligent measurement systems use smart algorithms to monitor the aging of lubricants and the wear of hydraulic components. ARGO-HYTOS measurement systems detect problems at an early stage, before these cause further damage or downtime.

The smart predictive models developed by ARGO-HYTOS are based on machine-specific learning, allowing to evaluate the time remaining before failure and to plan maintenance accordingly.

Smart Predictive Maintenance: allowing to perform services just in time.
Argo-Hytos measurement solutions have proven their benefit in a wide range of applications, from remote monitoring of mobile equipment (e.g. agricultural, construction, material handling), to power generation and distribution (e.g. wind turbines, gas turbines, water power, gearboxes, fuel storage & transport, transformers), machines (e.g. injection molding, presses, welding, grinding) and many more.

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