We produce fluid power solutions

Machines of any type always require a source of energy. Drive technology is therefore one of the most important disciplines in mechanical engineering today. At the same time, the development of drives represents one of the...leggi

New Cartridge, solenoid operated 4/3 directional control valveleggi

Pressure switches are indispensable for a whole range of industrial and process engineering processes. In theory, their task sounds quite simple. When the pressure at the process connections of the switches reaches a preset...leggi


Going beyond the limits with our BRAND NEW electronic control unit leggi

The modular valve system RPEK1-03/B is a flexible system with a wide range of applications in mobile and stationary machinery. The RPEK1-03 sectional directional valve in size 03, with a maximum flow of 20 l/min per section is...leggi

Combined solution for excellent cold start performance leggi

ARGO HYTOS made it once again! The market-acclaimed filter element series EXAPOR®MAX 2 has been improved significantly once again. Soon the successor, the new filter element generation EXAPOR®MAX 3, will be launched on the...leggi

Celebrate with us: 20 years of Particle Measurement Technology leggi

The concept of Industrie 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things is still new and spreading in major industries with significant investment programs to improve performance, ensure competitiveness and increase value. It is a process...leggi

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