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As part of its comprehensive product range in the field of fluid technology, ARGO-HYTOS offers its customers high-performance OPCom FerroS particle monitors. The components enable precise and continuous monitoring of...leggi

flow dividers/flow combiners

Hydraulic systems enable the transmission of high forces and precise movements of technical components. A central component in hydraulic systems are flow dividers and flow combiners, which ensure an even distribution or merging...leggi

Proportional valves are used for the precision control of hydraulic systems, especially in demanding areas such as mechanical engineering or mobile hydraulics. ARGO-HYTOS, your partner for hydraulic technology, offers a wide...leggi

Throttle valves belong to the group of flow control valves and play a central role in the control of hydraulic systems. Their main function is to precisely influence the movement speeds of consumers such as hydraulic cylinders or...leggi

The oil level in hydraulic tanks is subject to constant fluctuations. In order to avoid impermissible pressures in the tank, a continuous exchange of air with the outside atmosphere is required for pressure equalization. This is...leggi

ARGO-HYTOS' Integrated Service Solutionsleggi

Discover the efficient, cost-saving revolution in fluid technology with the Quick-Connect connection system from ARGO-HYTOS! The unique system offers quick, tool-free installation and is a cost-effective alternative to...leggi

ARGO-HYTOS has expanded its product portfolio for tank ventilation with the newly developed ventilating filter series VFT-2500. The serial production start is January 2023. The products capture innovative and detail solutions...leggi

Permanently clean hydraulic fluids are the basis for the performance and longevity of machines. Off-line filters from ARGO-HYTOS take on the task of permanently removing unwanted particles from the fluids used. Off-line filters...leggi

Two solenoids, one control system and an outstanding performance: The SD2E-A4/H3 screw-in directional control valve can be installed in any chamber with a ¾ UNF (SAE 08) internal thread, making it universally suitable.leggi

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