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System Solutions & Valves

  • Martin Čadan, Product Manager

Slip-In Cartridges

  • The One4All cavity design of the proportional and directional versions allows easy function conversion without design change of the manifold. Excellent valve performances without any pressure peaks even at extreme temperature conditions.

Screw-In Cartridges

  • High Performance and Lightline: It‘s your choice - for your best fit.
    The unique tumbling nose feature compensates misalignment of the cavity or too high tightening torques. High reliability of all versions thanks to a design for more than 10 million life time cycles.

Solenoid Systems (Mobile & Heavy Duty)

  • High quality materials for long-time service of both solenoids and core tubes. Superior surface protection and excellent water ingress tightness.
    Unique coil interchangeability
    inside the modular and screw-in valve range.



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