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Get in virtual touch!

Augmented Reality allows you to experience your ARGO-HYTOS product in an enhanced, up-close way.
Discover functionality and efficiency from a new perspective.
Install the AR app and off you go!

Step 1:
Install AR app on tablet or smartphone

  • Quick and easy: Scan the QR code and install the app.
  • Alternatively: Open Google Play or the Apple App Store, search for “ARGO-HYTOS AR“ and install.

Step 2:
Start ARGO-HYTOS AR on your device

  • Click on the icon “ARGO-HYTOS AR“ to start the app.
  • Select an ARGO-HYTOS product.
  • Select Augmented Reality.

Step 3:
Enter a new dimension

  • Turn the marker over (pattern visible) and place it on a fl at surface in front of you.
  • Point the camera of your device to the pattern.
  • Note the menu on the right edge of the screen.

We wish you an exciting experience.

Discover your ARGO-HYTOS products at their best.
Move around the virtual device and also change the distance.

Tip: If your product is not visible, direct the camera to the pattern again.

Download AR-Card and Marker here

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