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On 12th October 2013 the new company building of ARGO-HYTOS in Zator, Poland, was inaugurated in the presence of local politicians and an international internal delegation.More than 300 visitors were present to celebrate the...leggi

Video: New ARGO-HYTOS building in Zator, Poland - Factory Video: New ARGO-HYTOS building in Zator, Poland - Inspection Video: Inauguration Party of the new building in Zator, Polandleggi

1. IntroductionReasons for machine breakdown do have many facets. Besides mechanical fatigue and overload a main issue is the lubrication. The most known crucial factor is the particle contamination. Particle contamination can...leggi

Argo Hytos FAPC 016 – 12105

All these factors may influence the service life of your machine! Tests revealed that approx. 80 % of all unplanned shutdowns are related to the condition of the fluid.The better the fluid is treated and controlled the better is...leggi

Signal Generator for Valve Control

ARGO-HYTOS designed – especially for the valve technology - a portable signal generator (SiCon), allowing to control valves with programmable parameters. By the use of standard connectors, the device is suitable for all valves,...leggi

Vice Chairman Christian Trahan

The “VDMA AG Windindustrie” is the largest working group within the German VDMA organization. About 90 companies are taking part in this cooperation. The main interests are networking and creating synergies thereby strengthening...leggi

Light Line DCV03

In the range of directional valves Cetop 03 / NG06 we are presenting a new product RPEL1-06: We are launching to the market a price and performance effective component to differentiate our range of Cetop 03 directional’s for the...leggi

Bretislav Polansky

Since August 1st Mr. Bretislav Polansky has taken over the position as Sales Manager CZ+SK. Mr. Bretislav Polansky achieved his experience within the hydraulic industry in company Hydroma spol. s r.o. in Uhersky Brod as a...leggi

Since August 1st Bernd Kronenbitter has taken over the position as Sales Manager at ARGO-HYTOS for the regions Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In this sales region he is responsible for all product areas of ARGO-HYTOS. Bernd...leggi

Interview with Matthias Jung, Product manager (filter elements) at ARGO-HYTOS and the German magazine fluid in July 2013. leggi

ARGO-HYTOS holds a majority interest in AT Automacao Industrial in Jarinu, São Paulo, Brazil. AT Automacao Industrial is specialized in manufacturing blocks for hydraulic system solutions. The family business has existed since...leggi

Interview with Christian H. Kienzle, CEO of ARGO-HYTOS and the German magazine O+P in April 2013.leggi


The new bio-oil sensor of ARGO-HYTOS was designed to characterize oils in agriculture and forestry. It is used everywhere where it is to be ensured that exclusively bio-oils are used. The oil condition sensor LubCosH2O+...leggi

In the focus of continuous fluid monitoring there are above all systems which provide reliable condition assessment of hydraulic fluids. The LubCos Level sensor series, launched on the market in 2013, covers precisely all these...leggi

In the focus of continuous fluid monitoring there are above all systems which provide reliable condition assessment of hydraulic fluids. The OPCom Portable II, launched on the market in 2013, covers precisely all these demands....leggi

ARGO-HYTOS expands its product portfolio of screw-in cartridge valves to include a series of proportional pressure control valves, in size 7/8-14 UNF. The new valve types SR4P-B2* and SP4P2-B3* are pilot operated, using one...leggi

Continually increasing power densities in modern hydraulic systems require high demands on filtration and cooling.At the Hanover Fair 2013 ARGO-HYTOS will present a new filter cooling series: FNK 051/101/151. Additionally to the...leggi

ARGO-HYTOS offers a wide range of compatible sensors for monitoring of hydraulic and lubricating fluids. These are amongst others particle monitors and temperature, humidity and oil aging sensors. Often several sensors with...leggi

The new pressure sensors of the series PSC from ARGO-HYTOS have been developed for mobile as well as for industrial application. The used thin film technology allows a hermetically sealed design so that no inner seal is needed....leggi

The lubrication condition sensor LubCos Vis+ from the condition-monitoring-division of hydraulics specialist ARGO-HYTOS is intended to measure the viscosity of lubricating and hydraulic fluids. The viscosity is a decisive...leggi

The modern FAPC 016 offers the user highest flexibility at very little effort. The integrated particle monitor OPCom II monitors the achieved oil cleanliness classes during the complete filtration process. With the help of a...leggi

FA 003-2341 – Oil Service up to 5.000 mm²/s Gears and their oils are extremely stressed due to the increasing power density. Therefore solid particle contamination might lead to a fast wear of the components or to an early oil...leggi

ARGO-HYTOS products do not only offer excellent safety, they are even so intelligent that your system is protected against incorrect operation! And all this in the interest of the customer! This saves our customers a lot of...leggi

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