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In order to cool and lubricate the gearboxes in wind energy plants, systems that can reliably guarantee, even in unfavourable conditions, the necessary pressure for the lubrication or sufficient oil for cooling are required. The...leggi

Energy efficiency and the associated fuel savings constitute part of the current climate debate, as fuel economisation correlates to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Energy efficiency is thus one of the key factors in effective...leggi

Spin-on filters are frequently found in hydraulic systems in small wheel loaders and excavators, in mowers and telehandlers as well as in municipal vehicles and machine tools. These filters have design-related negative effects on...leggi

The development of the RPEK1 directional control valve was driven by the desire to efficiently achieve simple directional functions while conserving space. The valves are designed for a flow of up to 20 l/min and pressures up to...leggi

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