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To enlarge the service interval of the cooling oil used while increasing the reliability and the protection against operating errors.

Starting situation
Under normal conditions, the brake cooling oil has a service life of about 2000 h, this means about 3 oil changes per year, each about 150 l with high workloads. Climatic conditions and the type of brake lead to high sensitivity to water content in the oil.

Highly integrated LubCos H2Oplus II oil condition sensors provide acute protection against a too high water content (monitor the trend and the current relative humidity). At the same time, the maintenance interval can be doubled, since in addition to the relative humidity, the oil condition and oil temperature are also constantly monitored and in case of premature aging, service may be planned in advance.

Special features / benefits
Through complete integration of the sensors in the vehicle concept, the operator of the machine has an insight into the data when needed and obtains a reliable prediction about when the next service is due.

Technical specific values

System characteristicsCircuit leftCircuit right
Sensor typeLubCos H2Oplus II (CANopen)LubCos H2Oplus II (CANopen)
Monitored oil volume75 l75 l
Service interval before2000 h2000 h
Service interval afterwardsup to 4000 hup to 4000 h
Time saved for serviceapprox. 8 h/a
Amount of saved oilapprox. 225 l/a
Monitored parameter Relative oil humidity
Oil temperature
Oil aging (relative permittivity and conductivity)

Overview of the advantages of the solutions

Service intervalDoubles from 2000 h up to 4000 h
Time saved for service approx. 8 h/a
Amount of saved oilapprox. 225 l/a
Additionally protected aspects Protection against acute water ingress
Monitoring of oil temperature

Warning in the event of premature oil aging (due to the relative permittivity, conductivity and temperature profile)


Technical data

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