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Screw-in Cartridge (SIC) Valves for Mobile & Industrial Use

Screw-in Cartridge (SIC) Valves for Mobile & Industrial Use

The SR4E-B2/H - Multitasking Pressure Relief Valve is a valve dedicated for demanding customers who call for comfort functionality and simultaneously for space and price reduction

Directional Valves Screw-in Cartridge (SIC) – spool version

Directional Valves SIC – poppet version

Precise parts of the spool valves in combination with the smart design of the “tumbling nose” is the main prerequisite for achieving similar leakage results as some of the “Poppet Valves” in the market.

The ARGO-HYTOS Screw-in Cartridge program offers a wide function range for mobile and industrial hydraulics. Typical functions are the flow direction control and pressure control in the hydraulic circuit. The most common applications are for example agricultural machines, construction equipment, municipal vehicles, machine tools and wind power plants etc. Beside the technical specification, there are other aspects on our focus. Reliability, coupled with increased operating comfort, define today‘s development trends while simultaneously reducing TCO - Total Costs of Ownership. This means that high application knowledge is needed when designing the hydraulic circuit or particular valves. The lifetime of the valves is extended due to a surface protection 520 h according to ISO 9224 as standard. The robust design withstands a 10 million cycle lifetime test which is also applied for the seals. Resistance to high oil / ambient temperature is recognized as ARGO-HYTOS today’s standard.

Screw-in Cartridge spool version
These valves are designed to control the flow direction. The connection sizes are executed by two different threads 3/4-16 UNF and 7/8-14 UNF. The operating pressure is up to 350 bar. The flow rate is limited up to 60 lpm for connection size 7/8-14 UNF and 30 lpm for connection size 3/4-16 UNF. Two performance product families are available in order to choose just enough transmitted hydraulic power for the required application and make the valves attractive in price. The “High Performance“ version is designed for valves up to 350 bar, the “Lightline” version is up to 250 bar.

Screw-in Cartridge poppet version
A poppet version is available up to 75 l/min and 420 bar which is applicable for all ports. Precision machined parts secure a leak-free closing up to 3 drops/min. A complex production program range includes different possibilities such as normally open and normally closed versions, pilot operated or solenoid operated variants, a wide range of solenoids and connectors. The standard surface treatment of the valve and solenoid is a ZnCr3 coating to secure 240 h in salt spray according to DIN 9227, however, a surface treatment up to 520 h is possible. A very favorable ratio pressure drop / transmitted hydraulic power / leakage makes the ARGO-HYTOS cartridge valves extraordinary. The functionality in case of system malfunction is boosted by different manual overrides.


  • Excellent price / quality ratio
  • Low pressure drop
  • Leakage free
  • High hydraulic transmitted power
Electrically switchable SR4E-B2/H

Pressure Relief Valve, Solenoid-Operated, Spool Type, Piloted


  • Designed for cost-efficient and compact installation, typically used for motor control circuit
  • Combines the functionality of a normally open solenoid valve with a pressure relief valve
  • Two-stage pressure valve for ON/OFF function
  • Excellent stability throughout the entire flow range with rapid response to dynamic pressure changes
  • Pump unloading
  • Operating pressure 350 bar
  • Rated flow = 60 l/min
  • Low hysteresis, accurate pressure control and low pressure drop through CFD optimized flow paths
  • Coils interchangeable

This 7/8-14 UNF valve is used as an integrated two-stage pressure valve for unloading the flow passage. It supports the setting of two pressure values, pmin and pmax. While energized, the valve blocks the low-pressure passage and allows the pressure to rise up to the adjusted value of the relief pressure. Both pmin and pmax are manually adjustable.

“Tumbling nose” design
Screw-in Spool Valves with the feature of a “tumbling nose” to compensate the cartridge misalignments in the cavity. Another benefit is the compensation of too high torques during assembly. This feature always secures the right valve position in the cavity, therefore the spool never gets blocked. In connection with a precision CNC machining of the cartridge housing, a low leakage performance is reached, which is similar to the performance of the poppet valves available on the market. The housing machining is done on a CNC turning machine with SPC (Statistical Process Control), then the hardened housing is machined on a CNC centerless grinding machine and honed. Both machining processes, grinding and honing, are supported by automatic feedback. Another important part on the cartridge is the Polyurethane sealing which allows easy assembly through a high resistance to twisting and a long life time.

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