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High Pressure Stainless Steel Filter HFL 060 ... HFL 180

High Pressure Filter HFL 060

High Pressure Filter HFL 060

The high pressure filters of the HFL series are suitable for applications with extreme ambient conditions thanks to their corrosion-resistant filter housings made of stainless steel. Typical applications are in the energy and disposal industry, the mining industry and, among others, in the offshore sector. Three different housing lengths as well as various filter finenesses are available to provide the best possible filtration concept according to the respective requirements. The use of filter elements with star-folded filter material ensures the lowest pressure losses and high dirt absorption. This results in particularly long maintenance intervals and excellent results in terms of oil cleanliness. The standard built-in optical clogging indicator signals the time of the filter maintenance, whereby an optimal utilization of the filter life time is achieved.


  • Nominal flow rate up to 180 l/min
  • Filter fineness 10 μm(c)...60 μm(c)
  • Operating pressure up to 400 bar
  • Hydraulic fluid: Mineral oil and biodegredable fluids (HEES and HETG, see info-sheet 00.20)

Application examples

  • Offshore
  • Mining industry
  • Environment and waste management
  • Maritime applications

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