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Happy Birthday, Mr. Kienzle

Dear Mr. Kienzle,

The whole team of the ARGO-HYTOS Group worldwide wishes you all the very best to your 60th b-day.
Some people have an energy which grows in a quite mysterious way, the older - or better to say: the more experienced they become – and you are certainly one of these extraordinary people.

It is simply tremendous what you have reached in the last 60 years. We tried to count the miles which you travelled all over the world in order to achieve your goals, but at a certain point we gave up counting… :-)

It is definitely impressive how you lead the ARGO-HYTOS company into an international global player in the hydraulic market. It was you who put the puzzle pieces together to become one company with one brand all over the world. A company which not only produces excellent products but most of all a company which stands for people. For you it is always important to listen to our customers and always to try to be in line with their needs. To talk and especially to listen to them and their inputs. Since you know: our customers are our most important partners.

But not only the customers have a special place within your thoughts – as well the people working at ARGO-HYTOS. Having approx. 1400 people working for you it is always very impressive how many people you know personally. Most of us – even by name. This is quite rare nowadays. And you do not hesitate to talk directly to them and ask about their well-being. Which is for us, the team at ARGO-HYTOS, something which we highly appreciate. Since it means recognition in a very outstanding and special way. Thank you very much for this.

Speaking of that: we have to mention that there is actually a double anniversary: you have been the CEO of ARGO-HYTOS group since 25 years now.

25 years – lots of things happened within ARGO-HYTOS, no place to mention everything now and here, and if anyone is interested to know more:

We wish you all the very best to your 60th b-day and for your 25 years anniversary as CEO of the ARGO-HYTOS Group. May you be blessed with health, luck, happiness and always the chance of enjoying life as much as you can.


Your ARGO-HYTOS team from all over the world.

PS: Behind a successful man, there is a supportive and loving family.

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