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A task can be solved in various ways.

This holds true especially in regards to hydraulic drive technology. Today’s customers expect to get tailor-made systems that function reliably over an extended period of time.

The Applications Engineering team makes use of the entire range of the ARGO-HYTOS product portfolio and cooperates with associated departments to develop unique drive technology solutions. We are motivated and inspired by implementing novel approaches that reflect our corporate culture of “thinking out of the box.”

Our strength is the development of unique system solutions that exceed expectations.

The combination of the customers’ expectations and our expertise is the defining factor for target-oriented and fruitful development partnerships. In this way, we create system solutions that provide customer-specific added value.

Our customers value the experience, the innovative strength and the network of ARGO-HYTOS’ international Applications team (API). Experts in eighteen countries, including engineers, technicians, designers and service specialists, work hand in hand.

We familiarize ourselves with our customers’ task and realize the functions with our components. In the course of the project work we often find several alternative solutions. An improvement in performance and an increase in functionality are the main objectives. Our customers’ competitive edge in their respective markets is always at the center of our focus.

Step by step we close in on the best solution.

  1. determine the basic requirements
  2. learn everything about the desired application and its specific features by having in-depth discussions with our customer
  3. develop, optimize and discuss alternative solutions with the customer
  4. design the customized solution
  5. support and assess prototype tests of the developed solution
  6. manage each project up to the start of production

This is how we work.


Innovative ideas – proven technology.
Together with our customers we rethink hydraulics.
The ARGO-HYTOS Applications Team designs advanced hydraulic systems.
Teamwork, creativity and „thinking out of the box“ are more important than ever before.

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