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We produce fluid power solutions

How to become our partner

What we expect:

  • Competitive prices
  • Quality management system / readiness for Quality Agreement
  • Guaranteeing a consistently high quality production
  • Preparedness for a long-term partner cooperation / supply agreement
  • Transparency and openness in business relations
  • High competence in logistics and reliable supply
  • Meeting social and environmental standards
  • Readiness for continuous process optimization
  • Active cooperation on joint implementation of measures to reduce costs
  • High competence in the field of development and innovations that are actively integrated into the development of our products
  • Exchange of information with IT support (EDI, paperless, etc.)
  • Delivery based on shipping instructions

What we offer:

  • Fair, confidential and long-term cooperation
  • Oriented growth prospects as required
  • The support of our vendors via a supply management on partner’s base
  • Involving suppliers into the production processes

To apply as a supplier please send your company presentation and our supplier self declaration to


Download our supplier query here:

 Supplier Query

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