We produce fluid power solutions

History of HYTOS

ARGO-HYTOS – We produce fluid power solutions

2020 ARGO-HYTOS s.r.o. receives best supplier award from its important customer TOS Varnsdorf

2019 High flow solenoid operated cartridge valve family in size 12

2018 Screw In cartridge range for high flows up to 150 lpm
Extension our product portfolio in explosion proof valves ATEX/IECEx category
ARGO-HYTOS s.r.o. celebrates the 25th anniversary as a member of the ARGO-HYTOS group and the 15 year anniversary of the name change from Hytos a.s. to ARGO-HYTOS s.r.o.
Overcentre cartridge valves family

2017 New product - proportional valves PRM9-10 and PRM9-06
Load Sensing Kit system for mobile machinery MLS

2016 Finishing of Screw-in cartridge range size up to size 10 UNF
Modernization of modular valves CETOP 05 range

2015 We present a complete new product: MHPS suspension system solution for mobile machines
Robotization of CETOP Product Line



  • Award by TOS Varnsdorf
  • PRM9
  • MHPS
  • Double anniversary at ARGO-HYTOS
  • Modular manifold RPEK1-03
  • New product line of proportional pressure valves

2014 Meeting of business directors from the Association of Engineering Technology at ARGO-HYTOS in Vrchlabí
A complete new product range of valve ATEX/IECEx, Explosion Proof Valves
Implemented a new product range - Hydraulic Drives (Gear Pumps)

2013 Development of product line of cartridge valves with UNF thread was completed

2011 Completion of modular manifold RPEK1-03 development

2010 Opening of new prototype shop

2008 Completion of plant expansion in the Czech Republic.
ARGO-HYTOS Company Day in the context of the Czech Association for Hydraulics and Pneumatics



ARGO-HYTOS – We produce fluid power solutions

01.06.2007 Conversion of the joint stock company to a limited liability company, the ARGO-HYTOS s.r.o.

16.03.2007 Ribbon cutting ceremony of the new production hall

2006 New slip-in valve series

14.07.2006 Ground-breaking new building Extension of the production area for about 6000 sqm with high rack storage area and logistics center

2005 New series of screw-in valves with 3/4“-16 UNF-2 screw thread

2004 New solenoid operated directional valve NG 10
About 350 employees, turnover 24,8 mill. EUR

2003 Change of name to ARGO-HYTOS a.s.
Merging of the distribution company FSP Fluid Systems Partners GmbH with the production company ARGO GmbH for fluid technology, at the same time change of name to ARGO-HYTOS GMBH for the merged company
Open day at ARGO-HYTOS a.s.
10 years part of the FSP-Group



  • General view of the premises in 2007
  • New production hall
  • New prototype factory
  • Foundation of the subsidiary Hytos Ostrava-Victovice spol. s.r.o.
  • Hannover Messe 1997
  • Hydraulic power unit SA

From a manufacturer of components to a system provider

Privatization and formation of HYTOS a.s.

1994 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 as one of the first companies in the Czech Republic
President Dr. Ing. Pavel Bergmann, supervisory board chairman Christian H. Kienzle
Start of production of Private Label Valve NG 6 for Denison Hydraulics, USA
Licence agreement with Binder Co., Germany, for production of a novel solenoid for NG 6 valves

07.07.1993 About 370 employees, turnover: about 3 mill. DM
Start of the distribution of hydraulic filters and filter solutions of ARGO GmbH for fluid technology, Germany

1993 Sale of FAG-shareholder interests to the FSP-Group and to Ulbrich-Holding, Austria
Production of small power units for matching ramps

25.08.1992 Dr.Ing. Pavel Bergmann becomes first director and supervisory board chairman

20.07.1992 Privatisation of the national corporate group and formation of HYTOS a.s. Vrchlabí as Joint Venture of TOS HYDRAULIKA a.s. Vrchlabí and FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schäfer AG (70% FAG, 30% Czech State)

1992 Implementation of the proportional directional control valves PRL1 und PRL2



  • Participation at the fair in Brno
  • Directional Control Valve
  • Privatization of the national corporate group and foundation of HYTOS a.s.
  • Construction of the new administration building
  • Temporary steam heating for new building, powered by a steam locomotive
  • First NC-equipment

From a machine building group to a manufacturer of hydraulics

1991 Change of corporate form to a joint stock company, the TOS HYDRAULIKA a.s. Vrchlabí

1989 After the „Velvet Revolution“ change of name to TOS HYDRAULIKA s.p. Vrchlabí

1984 Completion of the new building (tracts of the today’s building of ARGO-HYTOS s.r.o.)

1982 Extension of the product range by servo cylinders.
These were awarded by a gold medal on the industrial fair ROBOT 1982 in Brünn

1981 Further increase of the performance data, hydraulic components up to 250 and 320 bar

1980 Change of corporate form to TOS Rakovník k.p., závod Vrchlabí

1979 Start of the new building in the open countryside
Construction of a new administration building and production area

1974 Change of name to TOS Rakovník n.p., závod Vrchlabí

1973 First NC-machine

1971 Extension of the production programme and increase of the performance data, now pressures up to 160 bar (pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, power units, servo systems)

1968 First production of complete hydraulic units for the whole Czechoslovakian machine tool industry („ZH“ production on order)

1959 Two-stage pilot controlled valve JHRMT, later on SV4 and SV6

1958 Change of name to Nářadí n.p. Praha, závod 050 Vrchlabí

1956 Beginning of production of hydraulic valves and pumps up to 63 bar

1953 Change of name to TOS Vrchlabí n.p.

1950 Subsidiary of the Czechoslovakian machine building group TOS (until 1992) TOS Čelákovice n.p., závod Vrchlabí
Production of universal lathes (until 1956)

1945 – 1947 State Administration
Production of bearings and gears (until 1953)




1942 Re-conversion for war purposes into an engine works
Production for the arms industry, Company Friedrich Stolzenberg Berlin, aviation technology and the compagnies Efesko and Jungty

1939 Occupation, conversion of the textile plant into a factory belonging to the chemical industries

1851 – 1939 Textile plant W. Jerie, the plant was bought in 1851 by Willibald Jerie and altered to a textile plant

1772 – 1851 Paper Mill Ettel, in 1772 Gabriel Ettel bought the plant from the widow of Johan Kiesling

1695 Acquisition of the plant by Tobiáš Kiesling

1667 Formation of the first paper mill in Vrchlabí by Krištof Weisz, mayor in Lánov, on the ground of today’s ARGO-HYTOS s.r.o.

  • View of Vrchlabi with textile factory W. Jerie in 1903
  • View of the textile factory W. Jerie around 1880
  • Paper mill Gabriel Ettel around 1775
  • Production of bearings and gears
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