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Martin Kovář
Product Manager, FMC Division Standard Products & Sales
Joined the ARGO-HYTOS family in March 2021

What does a day in the role of (your position) look like?

As a Product Manager, my task is to take care of our products and support the ARGO-HYTOS Sales teams. As part of my typical working day, I spend time preparing new products for market launch. It involves making a technological-commercial market analysis and creating a specification for new product developments, which I carry out in collaboration with my colleagues from the Product Management department. Together we prepare datasheets and related documents for new products close to the market release. Additionally, I am also in charge for the products, which are in serial production or prepare the termination of low-runner products.

What was the moment where you knew you made the right decision to join ARGO-HYTOS?

It was probably when I was going through the 3-month technical training in the production and R&D departments where I got to know our skilled hydraulic experts who can answer any technical question.

What do you value the most about ARGO-HYTOS?

I really appreciate that our valves, manifolds and aggregates are developed and produced here in Vrchlabí in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our own R&D department, we can afford to optimize the interconnection between the hydraulic and electric parts of the valve to achieve higher operating limits (flow & pressure) and a longer life-time. I also value that our products are being used in world-class agricultural and construction machines, which I have always admired.

ARGO-HYTOS is all about coming up with solutions. How do you (and your team) come up with solutions? How does ARGO-HYTOS as an employer support you (and your team) in bringing these solutions to life?

I like to have all data available and analyzed before I propose any solution. This was also the case for the standard parking brake manifolds made from fully customized manifolds. I basically collected sales data from previous years, reviewed the technical complexity of older versions and formulated a new standard solution.

Furthermore, ARGO-HYTOS supports me with necessary programs and applications, and I also feel significant support from my colleagues who share more than 15 years of experience with me.

This Social Media week was all about our whole parking brake manifolds. What makes ARGO-HYTOS products so unique on the market? What value-added do customers receive from us?

ARGO-HYTOS products are unique on the hydraulic market, thanks to high performances and the guarantee of 10 million life-time cycles. Our customer typically receives a higher performance while preserving the same valve size compared to other solutions on the market and a great customer support from our global sales teams. This personal engagement often leads to customized solutions, which are optimized for specific applications. For example, the parking brake manifolds are optimized for as low of a pressure drop as possible to get a fast response to the operator’s brake signal. A few safety features are also added to increase the safety level of the whole device, e.g. the automatic valve reset to safe position, manual brake release with hand pump or pressure switch to signalize the brake circuit status in a machine. All these added values are captured in one standard solution in addition to our fantastic customer support. From my point of view, ARGO-HYTOS is the perfect partner.

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