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Explosion Proof Proportional Directional Control Valve


Size 06 (D03) • Qmax 28 l/min (7.4 GPM) • pmax 350 bar (5100 PSI)

  • Valve and solenoid design prevents a surface temperature capable of igniting
  • Solenoid coil in acc. with directive ATEX 2014/34/EU for explosion-hazard zones
  • Explosion protection for gas and dust
  • Encapsulation enclosure solenoid version
  • Direct acting, proportional control valve
  • The valve opening and resulting flow rate can be modulated continuously in proportion to the reference signal
  • Five chamber housing design with reduced hydraulic power dependence on fluid viscosity
  • Coil interchangeability with all Argo-Hytos ATEX/IECEx product line
  • 12 or 24 V DC coils, the coil can be rotated by 90°
  • In the standard version, the valve housing is zinc-coated for 520 h protection acc. to ISO 9227


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