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Brake Release Manifold


Qmax A-T 60 l/min (16 GPM), P-A 30 l/min (8 GPM) • pmax 50 bar (725 PSI)

  • Hydraulic manifold designed to deactivate (release) the parking and emergency brake with a spring-loaded control system (The spring loaded control system is a system according to ISO EN 3450 independent of an exhaustible energy source and a system indepedent of continuous activities of the operator)
  • Suitable for mobile construction and mobile forestry machinery subject to standards EN ISO 3450, EN 500, ISO 10265, ISO 11169, ISO 11512
  • Emergency brake control may only be used at a maximum machine speed of 20 km/h according to EN ISO 3450
  • 3 variants of manifolds according to the required complexity
  • Possibility of emergency unbraking (brake release) of the machine via a hand pump
  • Automatic valve reset to safe starting position every time the engine starts
  • Optional pressure switch for light signalization in the cab
  • Wide range of solenoid operated directional control valve connectors
  • Manifolds and valves optimised for low pressure drop for rapid response
  • Functional surfaces covered by a rubber cuff ensuring a long service life


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