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Return filter series E 454-156 VD

with diffuser

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Our customer, a renowned manufacturer of hydraulic units for CNG pumping stations (CNG stands for „Compressed Natural Gas“) from India, was already using return filters from another manufacturer, but was repeatedly struggling with pump problems in the hydraulic systems. The pump used had a flow rate of 200 l/min, while a filter with a flow rate of 300 l/min was installed. So we were faced with the challenge of offering a filter system that was optimally tailored to the customer‘s needs and ensured trouble-free operation of the plant.


Due to the high return flow rate, ARGO-HYTOS recommended a filter with a flow capacity for this system that fully takes into account the cylinder ratio. The choice fell on the return filter E 454-156 VD with diffuser.

Full-flow filtration in the return line primarily protects the pumps from dirt that remains in the system during production, is generated by abrasion, or enters the system from outside.
Filter elements that meet the highest cleanliness classes in full-flow filtration ensure low wear.
In addition, the use of a diffuser at the outlet prevents foaming of the oil in the tank.

  • Nominal volume flow up to 680 l/min
  • Head part made of corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Filter housing made of steel
  • Sealing materials made of high quality NBR
  • Max. Operating pressure 10 bar
  • Bypass response pressure 2.5 bar  


  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Extended availability of the plant through the use of high-performance filter elements
  • Modern filter system with the highest demands on serviceability and durability 

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Return filter series E 454-156 VDReturn filter series E 454-156 VD 

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