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Get in virtual touch!

With its brand-new update, our augmented reality app now provides an even better, more immediate product experience.

In order to take a closer and more detailed look at the ARGO-HYTOS product highlights, the updated app now no longer requires a "detour" by scanning a marker: just select a product in the app, point your phone at any spot in the room and the product will be displayed immediately.

With an update in Google Play or App Store the new functionalities are available.
The general operation remains the same as before:

Step 1:
Install AR app on tablet or smartphone

  • Open Google Play or the Apple App Store, search for “ARGO-HYTOS AR“ and install.

Step 2:
Start ARGO-HYTOS AR on your device

  • Click on the icon “ARGO-HYTOS AR“ to start the app.
  • Select an ARGO-HYTOS product.
  • Select Augmented Reality.

Step 3:
Enter a new dimension

  • Point the camera of your phone or tablet at any spot in the room and follow the instructions on the screen. After a short alignment phase, a white circle appears: click on it and the chosen product is displayed virtually.
    Please note that the surface should not be pure white so the product can be displayed properly.
  • Follow the menu on the right edge of the screen.

We wish you an exciting experience.

Discover your ARGO-HYTOS products at their best.
You can move around the virtual device and also change the distance.

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