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Signal Generator for Valve Control

Signal Generator for Valve Control

ARGO-HYTOS designed – especially for the valve technology - a portable signal generator (SiCon), allowing to control valves with programmable parameters. By the use of standard connectors, the device is suitable for all valves, regardless of the manufacturer. The signal generator is designed for desktop use and is operated via an input mask at the device without additional peripherals. The navigation is carried out via buttons at the front of the device, the current conditions are shown via four status LEDs.

SiCon can operate a valve of up to two magnetic coils. The control of the coil can be operated via a PWM signal by either setting the duty cycle ratio or the coil current value. The present coil current is thereby given out on a measuring channel as an analog voltage value. Furthermore, two analog outputs (± 10V and ± 20mA) are available for controlling valves with integrated electronics.
For setting parameters, the user can choose from several configurable functions such as sine, ramp or triangle. Moreover, even set-points can be preset from either an external device via two analog inputs or via the integrated potentiometer.

The SiCon is especially suitable for testing valves, as it can simply be integrated in any control system due to its easy handling. Thus, the optimal operating parameters of the used valve can quite simply be determined and then be transferred to an existing application.

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