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Reliable tank ventilation for mobile and industrial hydraulics

The ARGO-HYTOS ventilating filter series L1.0807/L1.0808/L1.0809 are now available in a new design. The improved outer contour of the filters facilitates assembly and service. Inside, there is still the proven technology:

  • As standard, a 2µm composite filter material is used to clean the sucked air from dirt.
  • Versions with double check valve allow an increase of the pressure level in the tank, which prevents cavitation. Simultaneously, air exchange with the environment is minimized, reducing dirt ingress and thus extending the filter lifetime.
  • The oil separator is used against oil leaks e.g. at mobile machines.
  • The patented vandalism proof versions can only be removed by means of a special tool. Unwanted access to the tank or theft of the ventilating filter is made more difficult.

Part of the new design is the robust silver-colored adhesive label. Printing of the label during final assembly also allows customer specified configuration.
All improvements are also incorporated in the filling and ventilating filters of the series LE.0817/LE.0827/LE.0818/LE.0819.

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