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New maintenanceconcepts thanks to continuous oil monitoring

Argo Hytos Oil Monitoring 2010

Hydraulic and lubrication systems arean essential part of mobile machinesin which oil plays a series of importantroles. The oil transmits power, lubricates,manages heat and transports dirt tothe filters. Scientific studies have shownthat malfunctions in hydraulic andlubrication systems are predominantlycaused by wear, contamination, deterioration,mixing or extreme temperaturefluctuations.

It is, therefore, crucial that the oil is inproper working order. Knowing the currentcondition of the oil also providesinformation as to the condition of themachine at the same time.

Unlike individual oil samples, continuouscondition monitoring or so-called OnlineCondition Monitoring“(OCM), of the oiland the filters enables predictive analysisand early detection of failures.

Detectable causes of failures includecontamination of the oil by water, dirt,increased wear, mixing with other fluidsand the use of the wrong oil. In addition,OCM enables better documentation ofservice measures including oil changesand maintenance. Intelligent OCM sensorscan extend maintenance and oilchange intervals and prevent productiondowntimes, leading to a significantreduction in operating costs.

To cover all aspects of monitoringthe oil condition, ARGO-HYTOS hasadded two new sensors to its productrange: The LubCos Visplus and theLubCos Level. In addition to measuringthe temperature and dielectricity, theLubCos Visplus also measures viscosity inparticular. Like the LubCos H2Oplus, theLubCos Level is equipped with intelligentcondition monitoring that, amongother things, detects the remaininguseful life of the oil (RUL), the watercontent and an oil mixture. However, theLubCos Level also enables continuouslevel measurement, which can replaceexisting level and temperature sensors.This facilitates system integration andoffers additional savings potential bymaking other sensors redundant.

Furthermore, the LubCos H2Oplus andthe OPCom have been fundamentallyredesigned in keeping with customerrequirements as regards communication,simple operation and size. Bothsensors now fulfil CANopen standards,just as the LubCos Level and the LubCosVisplus, and are thus suitable for mobileapplication.

The OCM sensors are completed withthe addition of a new display andmemory unit, the LubMon Visu. It iscompatible with all ARGO-HYTOS OCMsensors and in addition, any analoguesensors you want can be connected to it.LubMonVisu features a graphic display,a USB connection, an SD card reader, areal time clock, an internal data memory,an optional Ethernet interface withweb server, as well as switching contactsfor alarm management. In addition toother accessories, a printer can also beconnected to the module.

With its CM products, ARGO-HYTOS hasall the aspects of Fluid Condition Monitoringcovered. From stationary systemsto mobile applications and right down tothe service area, ARGO-HYTOS is yourcomplete partner for solutions from onesource.

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