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New Filter Cooling Series for Inline Mounting

New Filter Cooling Series for Inline Mounting

Continually increasing power densities in modern hydraulic systems require high demands on filtration and cooling.
At the Hanover Fair 2013 ARGO-HYTOS will present a new filter cooling series: FNK 051/101/151.
Additionally to the already established versions for tank mounting, there are now compact and installation-friendly units available, which can be easily integrated into the line and are therefore suitable for retrofitting.

In order to meet the needs of the market, ARGO-HYTOS has extended the performance limits upwards. The maintenance-friendly Filter Cooling Units FNK 051/101/151 can be used with up to 137 kW cooling capacity at a nominal flow rate of 175 l/min in the return-flow or off-line filtration.

By combination of a fine filter and an oil/water heat exchanger in one single unit, the required space is considerably reduced compared to conventional solutions, so that within the smallest space highest demands on the system can be fulfilled.
Continuous cooling and filtration significantly increases the lifetime of the oil and of all hydraulic components. 

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