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New bio-oil sensor

Bio Oil Sensor

The new bio-oil sensor of ARGO-HYTOS was designed to characterize oils in agriculture and forestry. It is used everywhere where it is to be ensured that exclusively bio-oils are used.

The oil condition sensor LubCosH2O+ developed by ARGO-HYTOS is employed in order to determine which type of oil is in the tank of the unit. The sensor is delivered together with a rechargeable battery and an optical display in a robust case. The optical display serves the user to simply determine the type of oil on site. By means of the three different status displays „mineral oil“, „mixture“ or „bio-oil“, an oil filling in the unit can immediatelly be determined. Furthermore there are two digital indicators at the device which display the values of permittivity and relative humidity of the oil on-the-spot. The longlasting battery of the sensor allows convenient mobile use.

The case is additionally equipped with an RS232-interface for subsequent analysis and documentation of the data. Via the interface the measured values can directly be transferred to a PC and then be processed. For this purpose ARGO-HYTOS offers the special software LubMonBio to be downloaded for free from the website.

With this software two different measurement methods may be applied: a quick determination as well as a detailled measurement and issuing of a value table. The machine, location, user, date and many more values can be defined. This facilitates the evaluation and assignment of the measured values and allows a reliable tracking of the measurement results.

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