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Light Line DCV03 / Directional Valve RPEL1-06

Light Line DCV03

In the range of directional valves Cetop 03 / NG06 we are presenting a new product RPEL1-06:

We are launching to the market a price and performance effective component to differentiate our range of Cetop 03 directional’s for the main FMC lines with future marketing naming as “High performance line” and “Light line” FMC product ranges.

Our new RPEL1-06 product is intended to be used especially for applications where is required:

  • feasible hydraulic functions up to 250 bar / 50 L/min hydraulic power
  • identical pressure loses as the High performing DCV03 / Ng06 valves
  • similar leak performance as High performance RPE3-06 valve

We want at the same time to offer to market technically reliable component from ARGO-  HYTOS product family range.

RPEL1-06 valve is a valve of 3 chamber type casting body from and equipped with C19B electromagnetic solenoids and is intended to be used for base directional functions.

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