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High Performance Cartridges - Poppet Type

ARGO-HYTOS engineers and manufactures high quality Screw-in Cartridge Valves (SIC). We are happy to present the SIC 3/2 way directional poppet SD1E-A3/H valve for cavity ¾-16 UNF-2B!


  • Space, weight and money saving, by selecting the right pressure and flow range for the application
  • Sizes ¾-16 UNF and 7/8-14 UNF
  • Easy coil installation, can be rotated and can be replaced without opening the hydraulic circuit
  • High variety of electrical terminals (DIN, AMP JET, Deutsch DT04, Flying Leeds)
  • Great line of poppet valves for cavities A2/A3/B2 = high performance
  • High transmitted power
  • High variety of manual override options
  • Surface finish options POA – 240 hours or POB – 680 hours in salt spray test according to DIN 9227.
  • Pilot operated codes SD3E-A, B2 for pmax 420 bar / 75 lpm (pmax 6,000 PSI / 20 GPM)
  • Direct operated codes SD1E-A2 and A3 = pmax 350 bar / 30 lpm (pmax 5,000 PSI / 8 GPM)

The complete poppet range is designed for high pressure systems and reliable operation over the whole pressure and flow range even at higher differential pressures with excellent leak free performance. Flow rates 30-50 l/min (8-13 GPM), leak-free - less than 3 drops/min. at 350 bar (5,000 PSI) and great flow parameters which reduce the pressure drop in the hydraulic system.

Energy saving in the hydraulic system due to excellent pressure drops = large reductions in energy intensity compared to other products of the same size while maintaining excellent leakage in closed position.

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