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FNA 110 filter unit for lubrication and cooling in wind turbine gearboxes

Argo Hytos FNA110 filter

In order to cool and lubricate the gearboxes in wind energy plants, systems that can reliably guarantee, even in unfavourable conditions, the necessary pressure for the lubrication or sufficient oil for cooling are required. The components must be designed to operate safely at temperatures ranging from -30°C (or -40°C for the cold climate version) to +70°C.

The ARGO-HYTOS FNA 110 filter unit for lubricating and cooling circuits in gearboxes for wind energy plants can also be configured to customer specifications.
The actuator used is a high-quality motor pump unit featuring a pole-changing motor. At half speed and thus half the volume flow, the filter unit starts up even at extremely low temperatures and extremely high viscosities.

The key component of the FNA 110 filter unit is the latest generation EXAPOR® MAX 2 filter element. Low pressure loss and high dirt holding capacity enable the use of highly viscous oils with simultaneously long service lives. One special feature of the filter element specifically designed for wind energy plants is the combination of a 10 µm fibreglass element (?10(c) = 200) and a 60 µm strainer element. Flow is permanently going through the 60 µm strainer element, giving it the function of a safety filter. Flow starts through the 10 µm element at temperatures starting around 0°C, ensuring the required oil cleanliness.

A return valve integrated into the filter housing enables installation below the oil level.
A thermal valve designed by ARGO-HYTOS is integrated into the block that connects the cooler and the gearbox. Cold oil is fed directly to the gearbox. As the temperature of the oil rises, more oil flows to the cooler, which helps in the controlled “thawing” of the entire lubricating-cooling circuit.

A variety of options are available in addition to the above-mentioned features:
* Ball valve to empty the filter housing
* Permanent air vent (affixed to the filter cover)
* Additional connections for mechanically driven pumps (spin pump), for example. This allows the FNA 110 filter unit to be customised to suit each plant.

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