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Cleanline portable FAPC 016

The modern FAPC 016 offers the user highest flexibility at very little effort.
The integrated particle monitor OPCom II monitors the achieved oil cleanliness classes during the complete filtration process. With the help of a ball valve monitoring of the cleanliness classes can be switched to “before” or “behind” filter. This possibility thus reflects the actually desired status of the filtration process.

This particle monitor saves up to 3000 data sets directly in the device without having to use a separate storage unit. These data can directly be transmitted to a computer via a RS232 interface so that the progression can be visualized and followed graphically or in table form. With a litre capacity of 16 l/min the device is ideally suited to protect also smaller oil systems. Optimal operator handling has been a key feature in the development of the device. E.g. no extra tools are needed to change the filter element. The separately available trolley provides optimal comfort when handling the unit. Thanks to the clever filter element technique the filter housing is nearly maintenance-free. When changing the filter element the dirt is completely removed from the housing together with the filter element due to a special valve. The filter element technique has also been designed to the highest filtration efficiency and dirt capacity. Furthermore the unit may be equipped with water-absorbing filter elements. The device comes ready to connect and is immediately ready to use.

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