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Best Supplier Award from AJAX FIORI INDIA

Best Supplier Award from AJAX FIORI INDIA

(from right to left): Ajax Fiori India Executive Director, Mr. Gopal is handing over the award certificate and momento to Mr. H.S. Rajgopal, ARGO-HYTOS General Manager Sales and Mr. Nisar Hassan, General Manager ARGO-HYTOS India

In 2017, ARGO-HYTOS India received the “Best Supplier Award” from Ajax Fiori India.
Ajax Fiori India is a very important player making unique machines for the Indian construction sector.
ARGO-HYTOS delivers return-suction filters, spare filter elements, manifold solutions, tank mounted filters and accessories to Ajax Fiori. ARGO-HYTOS would like to thank Ajax Fiori India for the great cooperation at all times.

About Ajax Fiori India
Ajax Fiori (India) Pvt. Limited is one of India’s leading concreting machinery manufacturers. Today, Ajax Fiori has over 7,500 machines working in every state of India, while supporting customers and sites through their pan-nation network of offices, parts warehouses & dealerships. Ajax Fiori manufactures, delivers and supports a whole range of Ajax Fiori concreting machinery including self-loading concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, dumpers and concrete pumps, which are a familiar sight at various infrastructure development projects, including irrigation, transport networks, housing & urban development, power & industrial projects across India.

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