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ARGO-HYTOS on expansion course in Turkey

Christian H. Kienzle, CEO of the ARGO-HYTOS group, continues to expand ARGO-HYTOS worldwide, to offer its customers a contact partner who is able to speak their language as well as understand their culture and values, as being part of it. This is one of the basic principles of ARGO-HYTOS.

Since January 2014 ARGO-HYTOS has got its own offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mr. Kienzle, why have you decided to set up own offices in this country?
Turkey is an emerging country not only connecting Europe, Asia and the Middle East but which is also undergoing a huge economic boom. At the moment, many different currents meet: ultra-modern industrialization to a structured agrarian part of the country, democratic structures with state-monopoly tendencies, secular structures with traditional Islam.

Whenever such opposites meet, there is movement and energy and potentials are created.
And it is exactly this energy and this potential we want to use at ARGO-HYTOS and actively support our customers locally in their own country and offer them best service.

What are the first important steps that need to be done to establish ARGO-HYTOS in Turkey?
First of all, we need to install our office in Istanbul and keep customers informed on our activities. We will be able to offer our existing distribution partners an even more optimal customer support and contact and we will service the market together. By operating a warehouse in Istanbul, we will be able to better serve our customers and also quicker.

I have full confidence in Mr. Kancal and his team because he knows the market very well and knows exactly what the customers expect. He speaks the language, knows the culture and therefore is the ideal person for us. I am sure the customers will realize very quickly the benefits provided by us.

What is exactly planned in these offices? Are these only sales offices or do you also plan to open own assembly plants in the long-term?
First ARGO-HYTOS Turkey is a sales office, later we will see if the market justifies a local production plant.

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