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A Filter Breaking All Records

A Filter Breaking All Records

The smallest non-woven element ever produced at ARGO-HYTOS in Kraichtal has a diameter of 25 mm and a height of 35 mm and is used in the control block of a wheel loader.

A filter element for new dimensions. The smallest filter from ARGO-HYTOS is just the size of a thumb, but does not compromise on functionality. A multi-layer filter fleece encloses the perforated support tube. The close cooperation between development department and prototype shop guarantees the process-reliable manufacturing of the necessary materials.

Complex process steps must be mastered in a new dimension:

  • Cut to width
  • Four-layer pleating of the materials
  • Optimization of the pleat geometry
  • Cutting the pleat pack to length
  • Bonding of the longitudinal seam
  • Dosing of smallest quantities of glue
  • Secure fixation of all parts during curing
  • Assembly of support tube and end cap

The miniature filter elements thus produced are then subjected to quality testing, which they have passed without complaint.
In sample production, process reliability is also assessed and documented, which is important for future series production.



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