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This trademark stands for:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Experience
  • Safety


    Be reassured!

    You can fully rely on original machinery, components and spare parts! Using original machinery for your business will not only help you avoid costly production downtime, but also allows you to deliveron time and meet the highest quality standards.And even if you should have a problem, you can always rely on your business partners – as the manufacturers of your machinery can offer top-class maintenance and spare parts service.Only original machinery can guarantee long-term precision and fast servicing, which are key to your business success.


    The mission-critical competitive edge
    Support innovation – to your own advantage!

    Above all, intellectual property laws are designed as incentives for innovation. Only companies that are rewarded accordingly for their inventions have the means to develop new ideas. With you buying original technology, you are not only supporting research and development, but also investing into the future and in the competitiveness of your own industry.
    Original manufacturers’ innovative ideas ensure their customers’ global competitive edge.


    Don’t allow cost cuts at the wrong places!
    In the long run, “cheap” can often turn into “expensive”!

    With their small prices, copied machines can often be tempting. But please consider: The purchase of original machines and original spare parts at a reasonable price will pay off in the end, as the likelihood of you having to bear additional costs for repairs or production downtime is far less.
    As a business leader, you are responsible for the efficiency at your production sites. Don’t allow cost cuts when it comes to the machinery you work with.
    Original technology is the key to attaining a healthy cost-performance ratio.


    If you are smart, you cannot be fooled
    True expertise cannot be copied!

    Companies that have been in the business for years understand the importance of controlling the whole process right from developing a machine at the drawing board until it is applied in industry. The engineers of the original machines and components have a full understanding of the production processes and help you to avoid costly mistakes. Professionals like yourselves can rely on your business partners’ rich experience and benefit from their expertise, thus ensuring your global competitiveness.
    The use of original technology reflects your competence.


    Your personal safety-check
    Show responsibility for your business!

    Whether you use the most sophisticated machines for work on complex projects or commonplace high-tech products for daily business applications, international safety standards have to be met.
    The safety of your workers must always come first, and only original technology can provide full safety features. Be aware of your responsibility. And make sure it complies with international industry standards and with this, protects your workers as well as the environment.
    The high safety standards of original technology ensure the health and safety of your workers.

    To ensure that you only receive spare parts from ARGO-HYTOS, please contact one of our subsidiaries or contract partner in your region. You will find an overview on our webpage www.argo-hytos.com.

    More information about the campaign can be found on www.vdma.org/orginal.

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