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Rafael Henrique de Souza
Process Engineering Coordinator at ARGO-HYTOS Brazil
Joined the ARGO-HYTOS family in March 2020

What does a day in your position look like?

I work as a Process Engineering Coordinator at ARGO-HYTOS in Brazil where my main role is to optimize and eliminate waste. One of my responsibilities is to raise awareness for and promote the 5S methodology, conduct trainings as well as audits and encourage a safe and more productive work environment.

What was the moment where you knew you made the right decision to join ARGO-HYTOS?

It was the moment I realized what growth potential we have as employees as well as the company itself. There are great opportunities for our personal professional development and ARGO-HYTOS as a market player.

What do you value the most about ARGO-HYTOS?

Here in Brazil, ARGO-HYTOS has a reputation for adopting the European manufacturing and way of thinking, which means that we have the responsibility to maintain the high quality standards of our products and solutions that are equivalent in all our entities spread across the globe.

ARGO-HYTOS is all about coming up with solutions. How do you (and your team) come up with solutions? How does ARGO-HYTOS as an employer support you (and your team) in bringing these solutions to life?

We develop solutions through the study of our products and market demands, the way we manufacture and a lean supply chain. There are always opportunities for improvement and taking action, which our management encourages – this is how we become more competitive on the market.

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