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Ultimate solution to applications where the flow direction changes


  • HD 417


With the modernization and multifunctionality of hydraulic schemes, it is inevitable to use closed loop drives, where the direction of flow is constantly changing. Today, it is typical for a jack-up barge to have more than 30 closed hydraulic sub-circuits with flows of up to several hundred liters per minute.

To both protect components and allow only clean fluid to return to the reservoir, it is essential that the oil fluids are filtered with full flow in both directions.

A conventional solution with unidirectional filters has some deficiencies in terms of cost and spatial efficiency, especially in high flow hydrostatic applications. 


With unique flow paths and internal check valves, ARGO-HYTOS bidirectional high-pressure filter assemblies allow hydraulic fluids to flow in both directions while maintaining the highest standard of filtration efficiency.

When installed in hydraulic systems with remotely located cylinder or motors where used fluid cannot return to the tank before filtration, the HD 417 and HD 617 series capture contaminants in both flow directions, a feature that other filters do not provide.

Customers with applications like offshore jack-up barges, steel mills, board plants, scrap yards and concrete mixers can now have the same filtration assurance for both directions and always have contamination protection for precious components.


  • Perfect for use in hydrostatic circuits and any systems where flow can change direction
  • Ready for automatic capturing of particles in both directions with guaranteed efficiency
  • Flexible filter series that meets the requirements of mobile hydraulics: space-saving, reliable and powerful
  • Increased availability of the working machine by using the new high performance filter element EXAPOR®MAX 3
  • Energy savings through a filter system optimized for lowest pressure drop Reduction of service costs and increase of system efficiency  

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