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Suction filter with hose connection up to DN 60 - S0.0426 and S0.0638



There is a growing desire among customers for maximum availability in conjunction with improved serviceability of machines. This can be achieved on the one hand by improving oil cleanliness, and on the other hand by increasing functional protection. A renowned manufacturer of telescopic handlers was faced with the challenge of finding a more economical suction filter for a tank system already in use. The suction filter used so far was not easy to install and too expensive.

ARGO-HYTOS made use of its decades of experience in the field of mobile hydraulics here and was able to develop a robust suction filter for pump protection in hydraulic and lubrication systems by applying the latest production techniques in the field of plastics technology.

Important topics such as assembly time reduction, ease of service and simplification of connections are also a matter of course in the development of new ARGO-HYTOS products.


Since the design of suction filters is based on criteria of fineness as well as pressure drop and not on filter area as is the case with depth filters, ARGO-HYTOS was able to develop a suction filter with a cylindrical design and a glass-fiber-reinforced body with embedded screen mesh.

  • Tank installation
  • Hose connection up to DN 60
  • Nominal flow rate up to 160 l/min
  • Available in two sizes with finenesses 135 μm and 280 μm
  • Flow from outside to inside


  • Modern filter system with outstanding performance data that meet the requirements of mobile hydraulics, based on a filter concept that has proven itself over decades
  • High operational reliability with low dead weight
  • High resistance to shock loads and vibrations
  • Simple installation
  • Easy service, as accessible from the outside
  • Hose nozzle for hoses up to DN 60 reduces costs

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