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Employer Interview: Hans-Martin Waiblinger

Hans-Martin Waiblinger, Manager Renewable Energy Market at ARGO-HYTOS.

Hans-Martin Waiblinger, Manager Renewable Energy Market at ARGO-HYTOS.

Hans-Martin Waiblinger works as Manager Renewable Energy Market at ARGO-HYTOS. The engineer grew up in the Swabian region of Germany and has remained true to his roots. 

What exactly is your role as Manager Renewable Energies?

Our international team and I have been primarily focusing on the strategic development of our renewable energy customer base since 2012. A competitive global pricing as well as technical support are particularly important for this market. We give the customer the transparency that is required for their investment security.

In that regard, how important is the topic of sustainability?

Very important. Renewable energies are nothing new but perhaps their growth is too slow, considering the enormous energy demand that the world has. There is still a lot of convincing to be done in terms of a sustainable energy economy.

… and for you privately?

That is where my savings mentality from my Swabian roots mark their presence: the Swabian motto is to nurture what you have and preserve resources. This applies especially to the natural resources, which we must protect to preserve a world that is actually worth living in.

How does your company contribute to climate protection?

We are continuously working to improve our internal processes more sustainably and efficiently. Our environmental officers at each of our production plants ensure that. Sustainable engineering is as much of a given at ARGO-HYTOS as the avoidance of harmful or prohibited substances, which are described in the so-called ‘Critical List’. Together with our renewable energy customers, we implement innovative system solutions that reduce service and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Are you gazing into the future with worry or where do you see potentials?

Especially in the wind industry there has been an increase in market consolidation. This in turn triggers new opportunities with a lot of potential for creating sustainable energy. We will make use of that as collaboratively and effectively as possible.

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