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We produce fluid power solutions
Definition, applications and functions of gear pumps

In plants or machines with hydraulic drives, hydraulic pumps are one of the most important components. They deliver an operating medium into the hydraulic system and thus convert speed and torque into hydraulic energy. There are...více


For the past 75 years, ARGO-HYTOS has set trends in the field of Filtration & Fluid Management technology. The history of the new oil service unit UMPC2 is no exception. Numerous meetings and discussions had helped us to...více

LubCos H2O 72dpi

Humidity sensors take an important place in the sensor and measurement technology of ARGO-HYTOS. There, they are mainly used for quality control or improvement of fluids such as oil. They also help to automate or monitor...více

Piezoresistive pressure sensors

Pressure sensors in plants or machines measure the pressure of fluids or gases of all kinds flowing through the systems. A diaphragm as a pressure-sensitive element is the most important component inside the sensors. If the...více

[Translate to Czech / Tschechisch:] LubCos H2O+II

[Translate to Czech / Tschechisch:] The advantages of smart measuring systems více

What is a hydraulic power pack?

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New Cartridge, solenoid operated 4/3 directional control valvevíce

Pressure switches are indispensable for a whole range of industrial and process engineering processes. In theory, their task sounds quite simple. When the pressure at the process connections of the switches reaches a preset...více

[Translate to Czech / Tschechisch:] EL7

[Translate to Czech / Tschechisch:] Going beyond the limits with our BRAND NEW electronic control unit více

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