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Hydraulic Valves

In segments of the chemical and petrochemical industries or mines, there appear dangerous explosive mixtures in the form of gas, vapor, mist or dust. It is necessary to ensure a high level of protection against explosion on each...更多

从未在ARGO-HYTOS Kraichtal生产过的最小无纺布元件拥有25mm 直径与 35mm的高度,用于轮式装载机的控制块。 新维度的过滤元件。ARGO-HYTOS 最小的过滤器只有手指头那么大,但并不减少功 能。多层过滤绒线包围着多孔支架管。开发部门与样机车间的紧密合作保证了必要 材料工艺的可靠制造。在新维度中必须保证的复杂工艺过程: 切割宽度 四层折叠的材料 折叠的几何优化 切割折叠包的长度 纵缝的结合 最小剂量的粘合剂...更多

Higher Flexibility for Mobile Transmissions

The ever-increasing demand for fuel efficiency and emission reduction continues to drive the need for more efficient, reliable powertrain solutions in mobile construction or agriculture machinery. In these applications we require...更多

Reinvented Hose Connections

Innovative low-pressure hose connectionsThe Quick-Connect system has already proven its worth in harsh field use, in a wide variety of mobile applications for 100,000 times. The quick and easy tool free installation already...更多

ARGO-HYTOS: "Intelligent Fluid and Drive Technology"

When the clever tank glows The future of Hydraulic 4.0 lights up: This impression was conveyed by the manufacturer ARGO-HYTOS with its hydraulic tank equipped with three sensors, in which LED technology visualizes the otherwise...更多

With Smart Production into the future!

ARGO-HYTOS invests in new filter element plant in Kraichtal更多

BOMAG European Supplier Award 2017

Our long-standing customer and world market leader in the field of compaction technology BOMAG manufactures machines for soil, asphalt and waste compaction as well as stabilizers / recyclers, milling machines and pavers. The...更多

Tiny Unit With Great Opportunities

Most failures in oil systems (up to 80%) are related to oil contamination. This problem applies to big industrial applications (tanks volumes between several hundred and several thousand liters), mobile machines as well as...更多

OBE (随阀放大器) 是在您的阀上纠正非线性特性的直接和最好的方法。在阀体上的传 感器与放大器实现系统前线的控制回路。机械公车、摩擦、滞环和磨损不再会导致驱 动的动作故障。对于现代机器监控,传感器信息也可以发送至主控制器。 使用比例技术的优势在液压中引入比例技术的主要优点是高效率、高速、高精度、低滞环、良好重复性以 及控制可调节。 ARGO-HYTOS 的阀,组合了先进的放大器,能够满足各种各样的固 定与移动应用场合的需求。ARGO-HYTOS...更多

ARGO-HYTOS s.r.o., Vrchlabí 在2018年庆祝双周年庆 典,成为ARGO-HYTOS 集团一员的25周年,以及把名 字从Hytos a.s. 改为 ARGO-HYTOS a.s.的15周年。 在 1993 年,今天的 ARGO-HYTOS 集团,以及前合作伙伴 Ulbrich GmbH,接管了Hytos a.s. 的大部分股份。 2003年,在 ARGO-HYTOS 集团重组的的过程中,Hytos a.s. 重新命名为...更多

每种液压与润滑流体的“健康中心” 随时准备好安装紧凑型模块 更多

ARGO-HYTOS 螺纹插装阀项目为移动液压与工业液压提供广泛的功能范围。典型的功能 是液压回路中的流体方向与压力控制。最常见的应用是,例如农业机械、建筑设备、市政 服务车辆、机床与风电站等等。ARGO-HYTOS 系列的阀之所以能展现其设计的最佳性 能,得益于现代化仿真方法帮助下的优化设计以及高质量的生产工艺。螺纹插装阀,滑阀与锥阀系列这些阀是设计用于控制流动方向的。有两 种通径可供选择,基于 ISO/TR 17209 标准 的用于螺纹孔...更多

Best Supplier Award from AJAX FIORI INDIA

In 2017, ARGO-HYTOS India received the “Best Supplier Award” from Ajax Fiori India. Ajax Fiori India is a very important player making unique machines for the Indian construction sector.ARGO-HYTOS delivers return-suction filters,...更多

We measure your oil sample for free @ the maintenance fair in Dortmund

Bring your oil & we will measure it LIVE at the booth.更多

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