Happy Birthday, Mr. Kienzle


Dear Mr. Kienzle,The whole team of the ARGO-HYTOS Group worldwide wishes you all the very best to your 60th b-day.Some people have an energy which grows in a quite mysterious way, the older - or better to say: the more experienced they become – and you are certainly one of these extraordinary people.It is simply tremendous what you have reached in the last 60 years. We tried to count the miles which you travelled all over the world in order to achieve your goals, but at a certain point we gave...

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Grand Opening of ARGO-HYTOS in Yangzhou, China


On October 25, 2014, we celebrated the grand opening of the ARGO-HYTOS manufacturing plant in Yangzhou, China.At  two o’clock in the afternoon, Christian H. Kienzle, CEO of ARGO-HYTOS, his daughters, Nicola and Christine Kienzle, and Mr. Chen Xi, district manager of the Guangling region, welcomed the guests, cut the ceremonial red ribbon and wished the new facility success and growth.Afterwards, the 200 guests were asked into the beautifully decorated production plant, where more surprises...

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Christian H. Kienzle is reelected chairman of the board


Mr. Christian H. Kienzle was confirmed as chairman of the board for three more years during the general assembly of the VDMA specialist association for fluid power on September 18 and 19, 2014, in Potsdam, Germany. Mr. Christian H. Kienzle has been holding the office of chairman of the board of VDMA’s specialist association for fluid power since 2005.“I am honored by and glad about the fact that so much trust and confidence have been placed in me and in my dedication to the fluid power sector....

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Jörg Stech has joined the Corporate Board as Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Jörg Stech, Head of Operations at ARGO-HYTOS Germany, has joined the Corporate Board as Chief  Operating Officer (COO) since June, 1st. He will take over the responsibility for Manufacturing and SCM/Logistics within the ARGO-HYTOS Group.Since 2010 Jörg Stech has been responsible for the manufacturing at the ARGO-HYTOS location in Kraichtal, Germany. Later on he became the Head of Operations including Manufacturing and Logistics that he will continue to be responsible for.Jörg Stech studied...

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ARGO-HYTOS on expansion course in Turkey


Christian H. Kienzle, CEO of the ARGO-HYTOS group, continues to expand ARGO-HYTOS worldwide, to offer its customers a contact partner who is able to speak their language as well as understand their culture and values, as being part of it. This is one of the basic principles of ARGO-HYTOS. Since January 2014 ARGO-HYTOS has got its own offices in Istanbul, Turkey. Mr. Kienzle, why have you decided to set up own offices in this country?Turkey is an emerging country not only connecting Europe,...

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"A healthy profit and growth has always been our strength"


The Dutch branch of the worldwide hydraulics company ARGO-HYTOS B.V. started off the year 2014 in brand new premises that officially opened its doors in mid-December. The history leading up to this festive event involves the type of success story that has become almost a cliché; a story that started cautiously back in 1998, in an attic room at the home of the company’s Managing Director Henk Jantzen. Today, 15 years later, the company has a staff of 15, and a realistic potential of expanding to...

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Hydraulic system solutions for global customers


ARGO-HYTOS holds a majority participation in AT Automacao Industrial inJarinu (São Paulo, Brazil), a family-owned company founded in 1999. Thenew company name is ARGO-HYTOS AT Fluid Power Systems Ltda. MDATechnologies interviewed Christian H. Kienzle, CEO of ARGO-HYTOS andWaldir Vianna Jr., managing director of ARGO-HYTOS AT Fluid Power Systems Ltda.What benefits does the new enterprise offer local and global customers and what are the opportunities arising from these? Waldir Vianna: If we...

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